Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

A PDF of VEQTOR's Health and Safety Policy is available for download. The audience for this document is all VEQTOR management and staff, Insurance Underwriters, Clients and Government officials REVISION DATE: 5 January 2010 STATEMENT OF OUR BUSINESS OPERATIONS 

VEQTOR UK supplies (assembles and distributes) and installs amusement and sports attractions equipment to business premises. 
The business employs a total of 9 full time staff (including associated organisations and Directors), consisting of: Managing Director (with the following staff reporting to him) 
2 Sales representatives 
3 Design, Engineering and Installation Engineers 
Operations Director (with the following staff reporting to her) 
1 Receptionist / Admin support 
1 Accounts Manager 

VEQTOR UK employs a variety of independent contractors to assist with its construction and build of the various products and services it supplies. 

VEQTOR UK seeks to ensure that its contractors have either: their own Health and Safety Policy (as required by law) and seek to provide a Healthy and Safe working environment for their staff; or adopt VEQTOR UK's policy while working on its behalf. 

 Further information is contained with in the downloadable PDF document